Version 1.50.00

Full Change log for version 1.50.00

(Changes since version 1.42.00)


  • Filter the candle detail list. Touch the legend section and the filter will be used.
  • Homepage / Blog is updated
  • New settings screen allows the automatic saving after relevant / rapid changes of the candle flame.
  • Show the rect around the flame with red marks where reflexions are blocked during the detection process
  • Animation shows the average duration of storage process of an image


  • Wick detection, follows the movement of the wick
  • Speed up a lot of functions. This is useful when more than 1000 measurements are stored
  • Show the measurement count based on changed flames behind the planed measurement count
  • Shows only a vertical line in the flame, when there was no bottom line position for the wick.
  • Write a measurement change text in the image. „Flame hight changed“, „Flame is extinguished“, …
  • Some text improvements.


  • Bug in device pitch angle calculation
  • MaximumImageCounter calculation fixed in some ways.
  • Switch the „Project List“ to high lighted when the app starts.
  • Bug in the saving process during the marking of the image with lines and text
  • Picture export works in the portrait and landscape modus

Known Errors

  • Wick recognition when the wax is melted
  • Automatic exposure and automatic focus do not work correct

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